Bibione Beach Ultimate Challenge


BB-SEA beach tournaments are played only on regular fields of 75x25mt under the 5/vs/5 WFDF/BULA rules basis.

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  • MATCH LENGHT: 45 minutes or 13 points. Games have a ‘score target limit’ at 13 points and a ‘regular time target limit’ of 45mins. Cap +1 only if the match ends in a tie.
  • TIME OUT: 1 time out per team
  • STALL COUNT: 1 to 10
  • MIXED DIVISION: in the mixed division the gender ratio follows the Rule A (“prescribed ration rule”).
    The prescribed gender ratio rule states that 3M/2F (A) and 3F/2M (B) will rotate automatically during the game. For all games, a player representing the gender with 3 players on the field must pull for that point (GENDER PULL). The team who wins the toss chooses the gender ratio for the first point; The next two points are played with the other ratio, the next two with the other, and so on (method ABBAABBAABB).


BB SEA beach tournaments are played under the 5 vs 5 BULA rules. BULA uses the WFDF rules as the basis for playing.

Note that sometimes, for schedule or organizational reasons and at the TD’s discretion, it may be necessary to alter these rules slightly.
For example, time limit for the games in an initial pool of the tournament could be shortened to 30mins (*) instead of the regular duration of 45mins.

All games have a ‘score target limit’ at thirteen (13) goals and a ‘regular time target limit’ of 45mins (see match lenght below).

If the time finishes between two points (i.e. when teams are on the lines or are lining up), the point to be finished is the one still to be played. In other words, as soon as a point is scored the next point begins: walking back, making substitutions and lining up are all part of the next point.
When jingles are used, time starts or ends when the first word of the jingle is pronounced (LAST five minutes, TIME is over, GAMES are starting …).

Match Lenght
A team wins having reached the target of thirteen (13) goals. There is NO requirement to win by a margin of two (2) goals.
Time Cap:
The time cap occurs after 45 minutes of game time, only if the match ends in a tie.
At time cap games continues until completion of the current point. If at completion of the current point neither team has reached thirteen (13) goals and the score is even, then one (1) goal is added to the highest score to determine a ‘reduced‘ target. The games continues until a team wins by reaching the reduced target.
There is no time limit to reach the reduced target; the game finishes only when a team reaches the reduced target.

Note: the lenght of the 1st place final match could be set differently by Captains but only in Agreement with the TD and tournament organizator.

Half Time (HT)
No half time at BB SEA beach tournament except for final match if required by both Captains and agreed by the TD.
In this case, HT occurs after the first team reaches the HT target of seven (7) goals or, if HT target has not been reached, after twenty five (25) minutes of game time one (1) goal is added to the highest score to determine a ‘reduced‘ HT target.
Half Time lasts five (5) minutes.

Time Out (TO)
Each team shall have one (1) and only one time-out per game.
A time-out can be taken at any moment within the game time, including that between the end of the time and the end of the point.
No extra time-out in the cap (reduced target).
If a player attempts to call a time-out and his/her team has no more time-out, it is NOT a turnover but two seconds are added to the stall count instead.
Time-out lasts 90 seconds (90”).

The score for all matches will be done by you, beach players.
That means we (bb sea staff) are asking minimum one player of the team which loose the previous match to stay on the field in order to keep the score for the match to be played on that same field. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please bring back the results sheet to the TD gazebo as soon as possible.

The system is designed to quickly and accurately determine the SOTG winner while teaching what spirit of the game really means.
Scoring is based on judging respect, fairness, positive attitude, emotional management, rules knowledge and physical contact. Teams are also invited to reflect on their own spirit as that is only fair.
A SPIRIT CIRCLE after the game is meant to encourage discussion of possible issues that arose during the game, encourages positive feedback and creates better understanding between players and teams.

Playing barefoot is highly recommended.
Cleats and/or sport shoes are not permitted. Players may wear soft-soled footwear, so long it does not endanger the safety of any other player, but soles thicker than three (3) millimeters are not allowed.

Throwing team
The players of the throwing team shall remain inside the end zone they are defending prior to the disc being released on the throw-off.

Receiving team
Before signaling their readiness to begin to play, the players of the receiving team shall be standing with one foot on the goal line adjoining the end zone they’re defending and may not change position relative to one another until the throw-off is released.

Brick rule: 10 meters; should be indicated on the field line.

If a team delays to field five (5) players by two (2) minutes from the start of the game or a point, this team will lose its TO (if still available), then after another two (2) minutes one point and if it has not fielded five (5) players up to fifteen (15) minutes (Bibione rule) after the start of the game or a point, the team will forfeit the game. A team that forfeits will record a loss in addition to the forfeit, the opposition will record a win. No score will be recorded for the game.

Stall Count
From one (1) to ten (10), clearly audible.