FIFD Federazione Italiana Flying Disc


BB-SEA beach tournaments are played only on regular fields of 75x25mt under the 5/vs/5 WFDF/BULA rules basis.

Match Lenght – Half Time – Time Out
a team wins having reached the target of thirteen (13) goals. There’s no requirement to win by a margin of two (2) goals.
Time Cap:
The time occurs after 45 minutes of game time, if the target has not been reached.
A time cap game continues until completion of the current point. If at completion of the current point neither team has reached thirteen (13) goals, then one (1) goal is added to the highest score to dertermine a ‘reduced target’. The game continues until a team wins by reaching the reduced target. There’s no time limit to reach the reduced target.
An alternative CAP solution may be put in place where, if after 45 minutes of game time the target (13) has not been reached, the current point still must be completed and one more point is played ONLY in the case of an even score to determine the winner. Also in this case there is no time limit.
Half-Time (HT):
There’s NO half time.
An exception can be done for the 1st place final if required by both Captains and agreed by the TD. In this case half-time occurs after the first team reaches the HT target of seven (7) goals or, if HT target has not been reached, after twenty five (25) minutes of game one (1) goal ia added to the highest score to determine a ‘reduced HT time target’. Half time lasts five (5) minutes.
Time Out (TO):
Each team shall have one (1) time out per game. It can be used at any moment within the game time, including between the end of the time and the end of the point. No extra time outs will be granted.
It is NOT a turnover when a player attempts to call a TO and his/her team does not have one > two (2) seconds are added to the stall count.
TO lasts 90 seconds (90”)

Playing barefoot is highly recommended. Cleats and/or sport shoes are NOT permitted. Players may wear any ‘soft-soled’ footwear so long as it does not endanger the safety of any other player. Soles thicker than 3 millimeters are not allowed.

The BRICK mark is at 15mt; in the central zone at 15 meters from each goal lines, midway between the sidelines.

Teams (B1.5 rule)
Mixed teams must have three (3) males and three (3) females players available every point.
Open teams must have five (5) players available every point.
B1.5.1. If a team does not fulfil the requirements of B1.5 they must lose a time-out, and the start of the point will be delayed for seventy-five (75) seconds.
B1.5.2. If the team has no time-outs left, their opposition must be awarded a goal, and the start of the point will be delayed for seventy-five (75) seconds.
B1.5.3. If neither team fulfils the requirements of B1.5 both teams must be penalised as stated in B1.5.1, until one team fulfils the requirements of B1.5 or until B1.5.4 applies.
B1.5.4. If a team has not met the requirements of B1.5 up to twenty (20) minutes after the start of a game or a point, they must forfeit the game.
B1.5.5. A team that forfeits will record a loss in addition to the forfeit, the opposition will record a win. No score will be recorded for the game.
B1.5.6. If both teams forfeit, both teams will record a loss for the game

Stall Count
From one (1) to ten (10), clearly audible. The stall count and all calls must be in English.

Under the Tape is IN
– On the tape is OUT (stepping on it, landing on it, …).
– The sand under the tape is considered IN (stepping under it, landing uner it, …).
Under the tape doesn’t automatically mean you’re in-bounds: if your foot is under but past the outer edge of the tape, you’re in contact with the out of bounds area > check RULE 2 Playing Field
If the field tape moves inadvertently, that is the new boundary. The field tape may be repositioned to match the original boundaries during stoppages or between points (while the disc is dead). Inadvertent movement of the field tape that occurs while attempting to keep a contact point in-bounds, such dragging feet to stay in-bounds, is not a violation.

Please note for schedule or organizational reasons and at the TD’s discretion, it may be necessary to alter these rules slightly.
For example, time limit for the games in the initial pools of the tournament could be shortened to 30 mins* instead of the regular time target of 45 mins.